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Holt architecture is a distinguished riba chartered practice that conducts urban surgery on fragile city locations and historical structures.

From sophisticated office environments to custom-designed residential sanctuaries, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to forward-looking educational environments, we craft spaces for productivity, learning, healing, and leisure.


Our portfolio serves private estates, developers, institutions, and discerning individuals alike.



We challenge the conventional notion of architecture as a static and permanent object. 

Buildings and urban spaces are ecosystems; dynamic and adaptive processes that evolve with time and context.

By harnessing digital working methods to integrate nature, technology, and heritage, we overlay fresh forms and significance onto existing structures, seamlessly merging the best of our past with the demands of our future.
We call our method ‘urban surgery’.


Inspired by the conviction that technology can lead us to a harmonious coexistence with our natural surroundings, our mission is to foster a more compatible relationship with the environment. 

Our creations embody a profound respect for the intricate interplay between nature and architecture, weaving together elements from both realms to craft spaces that seamlessly integrate natural beauty with heritage.

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We excel in simplifying the complex with a talent for distilling elaborate briefs into elegant solutions.

Our diverse portfolio of projects is united by a rigorous approach to design and attention to detail. 

We believe that every project is unique and deserves a bespoke solution that responds to its specific challenges and opportunities. By repurposing and reinvigorating existing structures, we aim to create buildings that are not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable and resilient.

Our Values

We are guided by our core values of courage, trust and determination.


  • Courage to see things differently, to embrace challenges, to venture into the unknown.

  • Trust in the people we work with and those that touch our business. Trust in our optimism that the current generations will build a bright future for those that follow.

  • Determination to see things through, to leave no stone unturned, to apply rigor in everything we do.


Our commitment to the environment is absolute. 80% of the buildings we will use in 2050 have already been built today. That is why our projects always pursue retro-first. To build on our past, not to destroy it.

Our Team

We are a core team of architects working from our central office and remotely across London, supported by a network of experts that share our ethos and values and help us to curate the right skills for diverse project demands.


Jonathan Holt, founder of Holt Architecture since 2014, spearheads all projects with a comprehensive oversight. Formerly a web designer and developer, he transitioned to his true calling in building design.

With a distinguished academic background, Jonathan earned three Distinctions and received multiple prestigious awards and scholarships from institutions including Chelsea College of Art and Design, Oxford School of Architecture, The Bartlett at UCL, and Westminster University.

Under the mentorship of Sir Terry Farrell, he contributed significantly to pivotal urban design and infrastructure proposals, notably for the Thames Gateway and Bloomsbury's strategic vision. At Sonnemann Toon Architects, as a Partner, he championed Building Information Modelling (BIM) and supervised the adoption of digital working methods, leading to award-winning projects.

Jonathan has enriched academic discourse as a visiting architecture critic in various London universities and served as a foundation board member for Horris Hill School. He is a valued member of the Marylebone Association's planning sub-committee, cultivating deep insights and connections with Westminster's planning department.

Balancing a profound grasp of urban, regulatory, and conservation matters with a keen affinity for digital design and contemporary construction techniques, Jonathan Holt brings a unique perspective to architectural practice.

Jonathan Holt with on the telephone and looking at a computer
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