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Holt architecture conducts urban surgery on fragile city locations and historical structures.

From sophisticated office environments

to custom-designed residential sanctuaries,

state-of-the-art healthcare facilities

to forward-looking educational environments,


we craft spaces for productivity, learning, healing, and leisure.


Our portfolio serves private estates, developers, institutions, and discerning individuals alike.


We are Urban Surgeons...

We approach architecture differently, seeing it not as fixed and unchanging, but as living, evolving entities, much like ecosystems.


We believe buildings and city spaces should adapt and grow over time, reflecting the changes in their surroundings and the needs of the people who use them.

To do this, we use digital tools to blend natural elements, modern technology, and historical aspects.


This approach allows us to add new layers and meanings to them, creating a harmonious balance between old and new.


This process, which we refer to as 'urban surgery', aims to enhance what we've inherited from the past to meet today's needs and anticipate those of the future.

...exploring the space between design, technology and nature...

Our belief is that technology can guide us toward living in harmony with nature.


Our goal is to promote a closer, more sustainable relationship with the environment.

In our designs, we pay deep respect to the delicate balance between nature and architecture.


We blend aspects from both these worlds to design spaces that naturally combine the elegance of the natural world with the richness of heritage.


This approach leads to environments where the beauty of nature and the legacy of architecture coexist effortlessly.

BIM_Displaced w MEP.jpg

...that find simplicity in complexity

We thrive on tricky briefs, turning complex project requirements into refined, effective solutions.

Our varied range of projects all share a common thread: a thorough and meticulous approach to design, coupled with a keen focus on details.

We view each project as distinct, deserving a tailored approach that addresses its particular needs and possibilities.


Our strategy often involves revitalising existing buildings, aiming to create structures that are not just aesthetically pleasing and practical, but also sustainable and durable.


Our Team

We're a friendly team of architects based in our central office and working remotely throughout London.


We collaborate with a network of skilled professionals who share our beliefs and values. This allows us to bring together the perfect mix of talents to meet the varied needs of our projects.

Jonathan Holt

Jonathan Holt established Holt Architecture in 2014 and leads the firm with a focus on thoughtful and comprehensive project management. His career transitioned from web design and development to building design, where he found his true passion. Jonathan's academic journey includes notable achievements and scholarships from institutions such as Chelsea College of Art and Design and The Bartlett at UCL. He has worked on significant urban design projects, including contributions to the Thames Gateway, under the guidance of Sir Terry Farrell. At Sonnemann Toon Architects, he was instrumental in advancing Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital methodologies. He also engages with the academic community as a visiting critic at London universities and contributes to educational initiatives as a foundation board member at Horris Hill School. As part of the Marylebone Association's planning sub-committee, Jonathan collaborates closely with Westminster's planning department. Jonathan's blend of knowledge in urban design, regulatory frameworks, and digital techniques informs his unique approach to architectural practice.

Jonathan Holt with on the telephone and looking at a computer
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