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Holt Architecture is a group of designers that think and work at all scales of construction. In an age when technology has given us the tools for small teams to deliver large and complex projects we exploit this to offer the highest quality of service, faster, giving us more time to listen to our clients.

Our portfolio of education, healthcare, residential and commercial work demonstrates a record of success in translating their wishes into reality.

We explore the space between nature and technology

We began with a belief that technology and nature were not incompatible but co-dependent systems converging towards symbiosis.

To change the way we design places, spaces, and objects to provide for future generations we needed to revisit our analogue past with digital tools. 

We work towards an architecture that explores the boundaries between the artificial and the living, looking for ways to learn from, re-imagine and adapt our built heritage to make it more compatible with nature. 

Our approach emphasises process over outcome, evolution over solution. It is about change, adaptation and pattern rather than a pre-determined style.
Our purpose is to make things that sit comfortably in their environment.

We build large, but stay small

Everything we do begins and ends with trust. We believe that to embrace change requires courage and determination and we work with clients that share those values. 

Our team of honest, skilled and dedicated professionals is deliberately small. By combining the latest in advanced digital modelling and design techniques with rigorously refined processes we deliver large, complex buildings. 

This allows us to provide a personal and joined-up service where senior staff are involved in every aspect of the design. It’s one of the reasons we have continued to work with the same clients since the day we first opened our doors.

We make the complex simple

We make life easier for our clients by taking the complex world they inhabit and making it simple. From highly technical healthcare refurbishments of Listed Buildings to intricately crafted bespoke furniture, we thrive on difficulty. 

We have developed expertise in the layering of contemporary materials and form over existing buildings. This starts with inhabiting the eco-system of the site. A deep understanding of context: physical, political and regulatory becomes the environment in which we grow ideas.

Whether we’re asked for the perfect kitchen to entertain guests or the extra space that makes a development financially viable, we know that what we do unlocks enormous value for the people we work with.   

Our skills save time, money and resources, but more than that, we give buildings meaning and purpose.

Jonathan Holt

Holt Architecture was founded by Jonathan Holt in 2014, a multiple award winning Architect and designer with 20 years' experience in the industry.

Jonathan was trained at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Oxford School of Architecture, The Bartlett, UCL and Westminster University where his academic acheivements included numerous awards and scholarships.

He went on to deliver a number of award winning projects as a Partner at Sonnemann Toon Architects LLP, before founding Holt Architecture.

He is a statutory planning consultee for the Marylebone Association, a foundation board member of Horris Hill School and a visiting critic at Greenwich University and the Bartlett.

His experience extends across multiple sectors including private residential, office, healthcare, education, retail and mixed use schemes as well as urban design and strategic master planning.

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